About us

We are a company specialized in market research, with wide experience at national and international level, committed to provide the best commercial consultancy service to our clients.

To advise and evaluate potential markets for micro, small and medium-sized Peruvian companies that wish to internationalise their agro-industrial products.


Our consultants and specialists have the experience to advise and bring our clients to the real development of the long-term practice.
Our consultants are in detail chosen and qualified to be able to enter and stay inside on Global with a vision of our ideal in the long term.
Our goal is to help and encourage as many companies as possible, a correct introduction and permanence to the exporting world. For this we work in the day to day throughout the process.
Reality is demonstrated in the facts, so we maintain the responsibility and integration of all our consultants as unshakable values.
To adapt and grow in a constantly changing world, it is necessary to innovate and to approach the novelties and discoveries in all the fields like the foreign trade.